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continuous business improvement

Customer Satisfaction & Employee Engagement Programs

All companies make mistakes and fail to meet at least some customer and employee expectations. Some companies learn about these issues, make the necessary adjustments and thereby continuously improve. Through this process these companies gain respect and loyalty from their customers and employees.

A customer satisfaction program is not a one time survey. Instead, it is a continuous process that includes periodic customer Click image to be taken to demosatisfaction surveys designed to measure performance and collect feedback that will be used to prioritize change efforts. (See Pareto Chart example to right) An employee engagement component can easily be adjoined to CSPs to boost their impact, efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction & Employee Engagement Programs ground companies by focusing their improvement efforts on what customers & employees want and not what the company thinks they want. Prioritized change and relevant communication are the follow-ups that strengthen the relationships with these important constituencies. Every company should maintain some type of customer satisfaction & employee engagement program.

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