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The design, development and introduction of any new product or service is a challenge. Hundreds to thousands of correct decisions need to be orchestrated in concert among many players over a period of time in a changing environment. This challenge overwhelms most and thus the majority of new products fail. Most of the time, the culprit is a lack of market understanding. This is exactly where Fusion MR can lend a hand.

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Our Market-Optimized Design (M.O.D. Research) service includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative research is designed to study and describe the full scope and scale of usage behaviors, detail the range of expected (job) outcomes and to explore and detail other motivations behind purchase decisions. Qualitative findings inform & refine the design & planning of new concepts. A quantitative concept test measures market preference for alternative concept designs. Conjoint (consider jointly) surveys include salient attributes and pricing in a purchase scenario context. (See example to right). The output is demand measurements for any potential product formulation. Running ‘What If’ simulations, we measure demand for any concept over a range of price and competition scenarios. Using our MoD Research Service (in-depth interviews, observation and conjoint surveys) helps our clients optimize their concept before launch and maximize their success after it.

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