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Michael Midghall


MidghallMichael Midghall – A passion for figuring out the “fuzzy front end” of new product development led Michael Midghall to found Fusion MR. He uses advanced research techniques (such as ethnography, conjoint analysis, MaxDiff) to help clients efficiently learn market perceptions and insights that lead to wise marketing mix decisions, thereby reducing risk and maximizing success.

Over the past twelve years Michael has successfully applied advanced research techniques across several industries including health care (assisted living), high tech (server design optimization), community development (condominium market sizing of Portland’s central city, family housing in the Pearl District, senior housing, sustainable housing in Anchorage), transportation (commuter park/drive preferences at Portland Community College, public preferences for reducing car trips in the Sacramento region), and energy (renewable vs. nonrenewable electricity generation preference).

Today, Michael remains active in new service creation leading company’s development effort in mobile ethnography and game-based research. Prior to starting Fusion MR, he researched, developed and marketed products for Intel Corporation. He has a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts (class of ’86) and an MBA with marketing & new venture analysis concentration from the University of Tennessee (class of ’95). He completed the Principles of Marketing Research Certification in ’02 and continues his education through industry conferences, workshops & journals. He is an active member and former president of West Beaverton Toastmasters. In 2013 Michael facilitated two Northwest Earth Institute sustainability discussion courses – Volunteer Simplicity (at the Portland Insight Meditation Center) and Choices for Sustainable Living (at Santosha Yoga for Everybody Studio) with plans to continue both of these efforts into 2014. Spending quality time outdoors – surfing, snowboarding, hiking, trail running, biking and walking the dog – is a priority for Michael and a key component in his personal health care plan. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters – Taylor (14) and Madison (11).