Ron Hope


RHopeRon Hope has been with Fusion MR since 2007. While acquiring a B.S. in Marketing Management and a B.S. in Advertising at Portland State University, Ron connected with Fusion MR through an AMA volunteer opportunity. Ron, who was then looking for a way to apply his education in a way that would drive sustainability forward, volunteered with local NGO Green Empowerment. Michael was heading up this volunteer opportunity, and after finishing their project, offered Ron a position with his company, Fusion MR.

Since that day Ron has taken over multiple positions within Fusion MR, including programming, research and development for new web friendly tools, website development, and spear heading the sustainability operations. Ron has a strong passion for sustainability coupled with a strong affection for the great outdoors.  This love for nature, and his seemingly insatiable appetite for environmental documentaries, keeps him striving to help clients achieve E3 Sustainability.

When not at the office, or more likely a café, Ron can be found in the hills and mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  An avid hiker, amateur mountaineer, and professional photographer, Ron’s work and hobbies keeps him constantly on the move – and happily so. As a member of the local mountaineering group, the Mazamas, Ron also serves as a member of their Conservation Committee.