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Buckminster Fuller Quote“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller


MoD Research Framework

Fusion MR incorporates three distinct methods within its Market-optimized Design (MoD) Research Framework. In-depth interview and observation are often combined to address qualitative issues. Market-wide validation is achieved through surveys of representative population samples. The ability to identify and understand differences between key segments, such as the innovator, early and late adopter segments for new products, is paramount to success. The triangulation of different methods to study marketing issues provides strong validation of insights and understanding gained. Using the MoD Research Framework, Fusion MR designs in triangulation to ensure strong validity and high reliability in delivered results so our client’s important decisions can be made with greater confidence.
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  • In-Depth Interview
    In-Depth Interview

    How do organizations innovate? A methodical process of probing the minds of users can reveal vital new insights to feed the innovation process in a way that keeps R&D teams focused on real market needs and wants.

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  • Observation

    One of the primary benefits of observation is that it does not rely on stated intentions. Even the best of intentions can change for unforeseen reasons.

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  • Survey

    Major decisions regarding new products, pricing, organizational change or budgetary cuts benefit from first measuring the affected population’s reaction. This is the primary purpose of a survey.

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