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We are a custom market research house dedicated to accelerating the adoption of sustainable lifestyles.

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  • Market Sizing
    Market Sizing

    Determining a market’s size and the viability of a new product (or service) opportunity is a multifaceted and iterative process. The necessary research is part qualitative, part quantitative with estimates drawn while the product definition is changing in the background.

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  • New Product Design
    New Product Design

    The design, development and introduction of any new product or service is a challenge. Hundreds to thousands of correct decisions need to be orchestrated in concert among many players over a period of time in a changing environment.

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  • Brand Equity & Pricing
    Brand Equity & Pricing

    What do consumers know about your product or service that differentiates it enough for them to notice? What do they know about your company that’s worthy of a premium price? How do they value your entire benefits package, your brand’s value, relative to competitors?

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  • Continuous Business Improvement
    Continuous Business Improvement

    All companies make mistakes and fail to meet at least some customer and employee expectations. Some companies learn about these issues, make the necessary adjustments and thereby continuously improve.

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  • In-Depth Interview
    In-Depth Interview

    How do organizations innovate? A methodical process of probing the minds of users can reveal vital new insights to feed the innovation process in a way that keeps R&D teams focused on real market needs and wants.

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  • Observation

    One of the primary benefits of observation is that it does not rely on stated intentions. Even the best of intentions can change for unforeseen reasons.

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  • Survey

    Major decisions regarding new products, pricing, organizational change or budgetary cuts benefit from first measuring the affected population’s reaction. This is the primary purpose of a survey.

  • Our Sustainability Plan
    Our Sustainability Plan

    In 2012 Fusion MR set the goal to reduce its eco-footprint to zero by 2017. The goal encompasses both business and personal activities. After all, one is not living sustainability if they are at sustainable at work, but not at home, or vice versa.

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  • Why Change Is Paramount
    Why Change Is Paramount

    We can’t stop runaway climate change once it starts. But, we can change society – from unsustainable to sustainable lifestyles. Join with us to change one product, one business at a time.

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