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What do consumers know about your product or service that differentiates it enough for them to notice? What do they know about your company that’s worthy of a premium price? How do they value your entire benefits package, your brand’s value, relative to Click image to be taken to democompetitors? How might they respond to an increased or decreased price by your company or any one of your competitors? (See price sensitivity graph example, right) These are the types of questions which our brand equity, pricing and market sizing studies address.

AT Fusion MR we feel that the biggest market trend to face the business community is the growing understanding of how unsustainable every industry is today. We know that a new variable has been introduced to the definition of business success. And a company’s brand is a great way to measure the market’s response to potential market mix changes. In all industries, e3 Solutions justify premium price points so profits can be plowed back into meaningful changes. In so doing, a positive story and virtuous cycle can be created and maintained.

Fusion MR is lending its hand to help organizations predict market response to their own and to competitor market mix changes. We provide accurate demand forecasting so you can optimize your mix of social & environmental benefits before your next product, service or promotional campaign launches.

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