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In 2001 Fusion MR was created for a specific purpose: deliver great market research to help companies ‘fuse’ products with target markets to maximize demand. To support the mission, services were created based on the most effective new product design market research techniques – ethnography and conjoint analysis. Today, our mission is unchanged, with one very important distinction: our market research is focused on increasing the success of our clients’ sustainable-oriented products & services, and the continuous business improvement of their organization’s well being.

Our expertise is in ‘market-optimized design’ (MoD) of sustainable-oriented product and service innovation. MoD Research is an advanced framework, incorporating ethnography and advanced survey techniques, for reducing risk and increasing new innovation success.

Like other market researchers, we continuously track the most effective techniques and technologies, and apply them in our work. Unlike most competitors, we apply our MoD research framework to ensure our studies deliver insights for optimizing concept designs without ignoring the bigger picture business impacts on human and environmental wellbeing. We refer to this as helping clients achieve ‘richer’ profits – those with a financial, social and environmental component.

Since 2005, our focus on sustainability has continuously increased. Based on facts – systematically increasing anthropogenic global warming, escalating cancer and diabesity (diabetes + obesity), species extinctions, and rapidly depleting natural resources — we believe that society, led by innovation and real leaders, must shift from the current unsustainable path to sustainable economic development. We are optimistic that this unprecedented business opportunity is already under way and that it will separate tomorrow’s successes from today’s. The field of market research must also change if it is to play an important role in this transition. That is why Fusion MR is positioned to help real business leaders achieve financial, social and environmental success, today.