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Our survey programming and hosting service is comprised of various levels of the below elements. For each project we discuss client needs and provide the appropriate levels of the services described below.

We utilize Sawtooth Software to help in the development of your online survey. Years of experience with this software allows us to create personalized and professional looking online surveys. Capabilities such as smart list creation, skip logic, and Perl Script function, are just a few of the tools we have to make your survey capable of functioning just the way you intended. These tools are above and beyond the capabilities of typical free online survey tools.


FusionMR has fielded hundreds of surveys since its creation in 2001. We have learned what does and does not work, and how best to get your survey in front of the right participants.

One of most common ways we accomplish a representative sample is by utilizing panel providers. Once we have decided on what sample size and necessary segmentation, we can develop quotas to survey the correct sample. While this is the best approach for some clients, others will have their own way of providing a panel. This is often the case with service providers looking for input from their customers or a company looking to administer a satisfaction survey to their employees.

From years of experience working with panel providers, we have developed best practices for keeping the qualified rate high, and the disqualification rate low. In turn, this means a better price per complete from the panel provider.


Quotas are easiest thought of as buckets. Each bucket is characterized by specific demographic characteristics. For example, Males in a particular zip code area. Within the admin module, a website accessible to clients, the “buckets” can be monitored onQuota_sm a multi-row bar chart, with each row representing a bucket. After the representative sample has been properly identified, the quotas can be built to ensure that correct number of each segment is accurately being represented.Screen shot of quota found in Admin Module

These quotas can be monitored in real time through a survey specific admin module. This module displays each quota segment as a bar on a horizontal bar chart. This allows you and your client to see immediately how your survey is progressing.


FusionMR Survey utilizes cloud server technology with redundancy ensured through replication at west-coast and central location ISP sites. The cloud server technology adapts to changing load conditions. At survey launch, when most respondents participate, bandwidth adapts by expanding I/O capacity thereby ensuring a fast and pleasant experience for all respondents regardless of when they respond.


Surveys will frequently contain one or more open-ended questions, allowing the respondent to write in their response, rather than selecting it from a pre-determined list. This can provide a wealth of insight, otherwise lost in a select style question. Over the years FusionMR has coded tens of thousands of open ended responses. Our process will categorize these opens into a quantifiable output, allowing for easy analysis and comparison.


Research and report the study’s key population variables to ensure a proportionally representative sample answers the questionnaire. To ensure representation we program quota limits to ensure, for example, the correct percentage of female vs. male and younger, middle and senior aged respondents. Depending on the requirements, we can nest or independently program quotas.


Consulting to ensure the appropriate fielding methodology is utilized. Frequently, we purchase relevant domain names for major studies so that respondents can be more easily reached for study participation. We work with IT managers, PR consultants, brand & advertising experts, panel providers and others to ensure the response to surveys are met by qualified respondents.


Try a few examples of our graphical select capability. This style of question is more engaging for the participant and works exceptionally well on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. The number, shape, and type of items are all customizable to fit your particular surveys need.

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